By Scott R. Ward

Sharing the Gospel:

Read the Booklets/Pamphlets You are Going to Share: You can’t share something you are unfamiliar with effectively. Spend time reading over the Angel 1 booklet and the Girl to Girl or God Series of pamphlets. Practice sharing with a friend. Take turns telling each other about each pamphlet and the Angel 1 booklet. Practice asking each other the questions on the Girl to Girl or God Series surveys.


Be Inspired:

The inspiration for this website and especially this section is the Biblical story of the wild man wearing broken chains that Jesus cast demons out of in the Gospel of Mark (chapter 5). Jesus sent the demons out of the man and into a herd of pigs that the demons then ran off a cliff. The grateful man fell at Jesus’ feet wanting to go with Him wherever He went but Jesus told him to, instead, go and tell all his friends and family what had happened to him. Jesus invites us to do the same today—as soon as you hear the gospel yourself you can then go out and share it too.


What to Share:

When the demon possessed man of Mark 5 found freedom in knowing Jesus he went back to his hometown and told everyone he knew—he simply shared his experience with Jesus—he told his story. You can tell your story too. Simply share what Jesus means to you and how you spend time with Him each day.



When you want to be a witness it helps to have your Angel 1 booklet with you so you can refer to your favorite parts—especially the last section that summarizes the gospel and the notes you wrote with it. Be sure to have extra Angel 1 booklets with you to share with everyone you meet that shows an interest. Don’t give the booklets out randomly—make sure you have at least a short conversation with those you give them to so you can make sure the booklet will be used and not just thrown away.

Some people may be easier to approach with a survey and some pamphlets from the Girl to Girl series or the God Series. Surveys are a good start when approaching people you don’t know and sharing the Angel 1 booklet and your testimony can be a good approach for witnessing to people you do know. Whatever the case—be sure to pray and allow God’s Spirit to lead you.


How/When to Share:

If you are sharing with a friend you can share anywhere, anytime in any setting. If you want to witness to people you don’t know always go with a friend or two and if you are a minor be sure to get help from some adults you know like your parents, a Christian teacher, or youth leader at church. If you decide to go door-to-door NEVER go into the home of someone you don’t know. ALWAYS stay in public areas and in small groups with adult support. Never give out personal information such as your address or phone number to people you are witnessing to. You can write your church email or youth group meeting times on the literature you share if your youth leaders approve.


The Power to Share:

Always prepare to witness by spending extra time with Jesus in prayer and study and listening to Christian music that inspires you. You cannot go out and share without the Spirit of God in you and upon you. Pray continually throughout your whole sharing experience and God will give you the words to say and the strength to say them.


What to Expect:

Many people will not be interested. Do not force yourself on uninterested people. Pray and ask God to lead you to the people who are in need and open to what you have to share. Be persistent, keep going and eventually you will have some great conversations and you may even get to see a miracle! Remember—it’s not about you. If someone rejects what you are doing they are not rejecting you as a person—it may not be the right time for them or maybe they are rejecting the gospel for now… Your role is simply to offer the gospel and your testimony and then trust God and His Spirit to do the rest.



At the end of every witnessing experience make a prayer list and write down the details of how you can continue to pray for the people you had conversations with. If you invited someone to your youth group or church pray that God’s Spirit will inspire them to come.



                                                            to download a SURVEY TEMPLATE.



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