By Scott R. Ward

How to Share the God Series:

This series of leaflets was designed to address the five most common issues that keep people from becoming followers of Jesus.


If you have friends that struggle with believing in Jesus or have misunderstandings of what being a Christian is all about, please talk to or text your friends to tell them about what you have found here and how helpful it is. Also, after reading the leaflets in this series, be sure to check out the Angel 1 booklet [CLICK HERE to read it.] which contains a full gospel presentation.


If you and some friends would like to share these messages with other teens that you don’t know as part of an outreach or witnessing project you can do so by ordering some in print form [CLICK HERE] to keep in your backpack, purse or car and share them. Whenever you see someone who may be distressed or in need you simply pull a leaflet out and give it to them and tell them how much the topic has helped you when you had questions. If you want to share them out on the sidewalks near a high school  or in a mall as a part of a regular witnessing program please see the “Gospel” section of this website for more on how to approach people you don’t know with these materials [CLICK HERE].

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