By Céleste Perrino-Walker

If you look around, you might think that a person’s worth is determined by how they look or how talented or clever they are. People who are thin, young, beautiful, gifted, or smart are often treated as if they have more value than others. We put them on the covers of magazines and in movies and on television. But this value is not real; it’s based on appearance or performance. No one person is worth more than any other person. Period.


In fact, did you know that the current price of a human body, if it could be broken down into all its elements, is about $160? * That’s how much those elements would be worth if they could be extracted from your body and sold. So that means everyone, no matter who they are, no matter what they look like—big, small, crippled, pretty, ugly, clever, or slow—are all worth precisely the same amount. No one has more of the expensive elements than anyone else; we all have the same amount. Aren’t you glad that a human life is worth more than the sum of its parts?


So what does determine your value? What are you actually worth?


Diamonds are the most popular gemstone, but do you know why? Is it because diamonds are the most beautiful or the rarest gemstone? No, it’s because a company who sells them made them popular through advertising. Then they made them valuable by only releasing just enough to meet the demand. Diamonds are not rare, but they are controlled in such a way that they seem rare, which allows the company that owns them to charge a lot of money for them. But if someone else suddenly made diamonds cheap and available to anyone who wanted one, diamonds would become so common that anyone could have one.


True Worth

We determine the value of a diamond. We decide what it’s worth. In the same way, we place value on human beings. If they can do something or they have something that we wish we had, we place a higher value on them because they possess that quality. But that type of value can change suddenly. The famous actress who gets into an accident and is burned beyond recognition isn’t any less valuable because she is disfigured than she was when she was on the cover of your favorite magazine. But she would be perceived as being of less value because no one would be interested in putting her on their magazine or in their movie anymore.


That’s what happens when our perception of value is based on qualities that can change in an instant. The basketball superstar the colleges are courting who gets into a car accident and loses a leg—he’s still valuable. The pretty girl who develops horrendous acne—she’s still valuable. We are all valuable even if no one else believes we are, and do you know why?


Because long ago, when God created us, He gave us value. We are important to Him, not because of what we look like, not because of who people think we are, not because of anything special we can do, but simply because we are exactly who we are. And that value never changes, because it doesn’t come from outside of us, and it isn’t decided by other people and what they think of us. It’s based on the fact that we exist. Period. God created us because He loves us, and He loves us for who we are, not what we look like or what we can do. No accident, twist of nature, or process of aging can rob us of our value.


Spread the Love

When you are confident of the value you have, you can share yourself with others without worrying about what they think of you. If you really believe in your value as determined by God, who created you, you can help others to realize their own value by treating them with kindness and respect regardless of who they are and what they have to offer you. In fact, God valued human beings so much that when He set out to create them,  He made them to look like Him (Genesis 1:27). Think about that for a moment. We must be pretty special if God chose to share his likeness with us. When you know how much each person is worth to God, you’ll be able to treat others equally because you know that everyone has the same value in God’s eyes. That is why God sent Jesus to die for the sins of the world (John 14:1-3). We’re all His children, and He loves us so much that He doesn’t want to lose any of us..


In God’s eyes, you will always be loved and cherished. Your value will never change. He only created one unique you, and you are priceless.







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