ABOUT: THE GOSPEL (continued)

The gospel is the good news that you are not alone in this world. Jesus is always there beside you even when you can’t see or feel Him. Sometimes He touches you through the hand or hug of another person, and as you get to know Him better you will begin to recognize it when He impacts you in this way. He longs to be with you to listen to you and to heal you and to tell you that He’s coming back soon for you and all His other friends here on earth. As you begin to look for His presence in your life and in the lives of those around you, remember that miracles do still happen and that yours will come when you need it most—maybe not when you want it, or for everything you would like—but when you truly need it most.


Whenever you feel lonely or afraid, you need to know that Jesus cares for you deeply. He created you just as He created Adam and Eve, the first people. True, He may not have formed you from clay or the dust of the earth as He did Adam and Eve, but the Bible tells us that He “knit [you] together in [your] mother’s womb” (Psalm 139:13). He created you because He wanted another child in His life, and He wants to live with you forever in peace and happiness in heaven one day. Until we can be together in heaven, Jesus is with us, and guides us, through the Holy Spirit, who helps us do the best we can in this mess we call planet earth. He never wanted people to have birth defects or genetic disorders, and He never wanted anyone to struggle with orientation or identity—if  you do, it’s not your fault, and it’s not His either; Satan created chaos and pain as a part of his plan to destroy all humans and deprive Jesus of His beloved children.


Many people today turn to alcohol, drugs, sex, spiritualism, materialism, and other things that they think will help them forget the pain and troubles experienced in this world. But turning to Jesus is the only true way to actually deal with the problems we all face and to put them behind us effectively. Drinking, drugs, sex, spiritualism, materialism, and so many other ways of trying to cope with pain may numb it temporarily, but Jesus is the cure.


Would you like to know more about Jesus? Would you like to know what’s really true about Him? Then read on through this website and especially through the Angel 1 LIGHT and HOPE booklets so that you can get to know Him and let Him into your life a little more each day. Learn to recognize and accept His love, and realize the amazing difference He can make in how you experience life in this world. And the bonus is that as you experience Jesus and His love and begin to share it with others, you will also be preparing yourself for a peaceful and exciting eternity in heaven and the earth made new with Him and His other children—your brothers and sisters in Christ.








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